Why ammune.ai?

API abuses are the most-frequent attack vector resulting in data breaches for enterprise applications. Enterprises of all sizes trust Ammune™ by ammune.ai to keep their APIs safe.

ammune™ Coverage of the API Security Flow

Discovery & Classification

Full visibility into your “API penetration”. Own and 3rd party, External and Internal


All data flows must conform to API contracts, policies, etc


Resilience against
malware, exploits, abuses, stolen credentials


Traffic encryption, network Isolation, DDoS prevention, anti-bot protection, etc..

Analytics &

Activity monitoring, anomaly detection, automated threat mitigation

ammune Main Features

  • Comprehensive  solution, Protects APIs, at scale
  • Fully Autonomous ML/AI based solution with no human intervention
  • Generates protection policies (“rules”) automatically
  • Protection from the 1st request
  • Rare cases of false positive errors (less than 0.1%)
  • Platform Agnostic, On premises or On Cloud
  • No noticeable impact on network
  • Very low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

ammune.ai's Value Proposition

Active, reliable API protection from the 1st request

Automated and autonomous operation model. Optimized to scale up

Compliance & Regulation.
No data sharing with 3rd parties

Hybrid architectures.
Supports the digital transformation trend

Plug & Play solution.
Fully operational after installation

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