ammune™ Actively Protecting APIs from the 1st Request

ammune™ presents an advanced concept of API security technology, solely based on AI/ML. It is built at a “bottom-up” approach. Each API, at each protection layer, is protected by a separate “micro-AI/ML machine” (resulting in thousands of them). The protection layer is completed by a robust AI/ML model that protects all APIs throughout, based on the micro-machines’ output.

The ammune™ platform technology was proven to be very accurate in finding threats in years of production experience, while consistently protecting the user experience at high quality.


New API endpoints are discovered by ammune™ from the traffic flow and a specific adapted AI-based protection policy is set to it, according to the licensed modules.

2. Threat Analysis

Traffic is analyzed by the ammune™ real-time and analytical units. Both include AI models that are adapted to the need of the different protection modules and attack types.

3. Active Protection

Active protection is made by the ammune™ real-time unit, according to the threat analysis results.

ammune™ protects from a wide range of cyber attacks

ammune™ modules (separated licensed) protect from different types of common API attacks

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Architecture Model (Basic)