Aimed to assist the security teams to control APIs and discover potential excessive data exposure. It generates a dynamic API endpoints catalogs

API-WAF Module

The API-WAF module protects from malicious content-based (“classical”) attacks that appear in the “OWASP Top 10”- APIs and Applications security lists. Performing in real time, the module conducts full deep packet inspection (DPI), followed by AI/ML analysis of requests and replies that are passing through, making it the ultimate first line of API protection

API-BOT Module

The API-BOT module protects APIs from business-related bot attacks as they appear in the “Automated Threats to Web Applications” list, also known as “OWASP Top 20”. The module performs real-time full deep packet inspection (DPI), followed by near real-time AI/ML analysis of the API(s) traffic, content, context, and metadata, using specific bot activity measurements that are made according to bot type activity characteristics

API-DDoS Module

The API-DDoS module protects from DDoS attacks tailored against specific API(s). These attacks may use camouflage techniques, such as rotating source IPs or requests content randomization while using optimization algorithms to decide on the next wave of attack. Ammune™ API-DDoS module performs real-time deep packet inspection (DPI), followed by AI/ML analysis of the API(s) traffic in order to find exceptional API-related resource consumption within seconds

API-BL Module

The API-BL module protects APIs from Business Logic (BL) attacks that can lead to forbidden data or functionality access, or to abused business processes and fraud. These attacks partially appear in the “OWASP Top 10 – API security list”, while additional attack types were added by L7Defense. Ammune™ performs in-session traffic analysis to identify these attack patterns in real time, including session as well as historical data points. Together with the API-WAF module, this module completes the first line of protection