What is Cyber Security

What is cyber security?

Cybersecurity is the main practise of protecting networks, systems and programs from a series of digital attacks. Cyber attacks are usually designed to change, access or destroy sensitive information, disrupt program operations or extort money from users on a day to day basis. The main purpose of cybersecurity is to have a safeguard in place to prevent these attacks and to regularly assess the needs of a business and its security needs. 

Cybersecurity can take on the process of protecting any element of technology in a business. This can include bolstering physical security like keycard access to the office, protecting servers, adding detection technology to check for the latest threats and monitoring data and networks for potential vulnerabilities. 

The vast majority of cyber attacks are carried out as a means to profit from a business. Cyber attacks can be used to shut down competition, they can be helpful for stealing and selling user data and they can be an excellent way to extort money from users on a website. 

Cyber security is often broken down to various forms in an audit of a business. Cyber security tasks can include data security, application security, information security, cloud security, physical security, end user educational material, disaster recovery strategies and more. Any cyber security service will likely start with an audit of crucial systems and then move into creating a successful strategy for maintaining cybersecurity on a daily basis for a company. 

Cyber security is also a service and discipline that is constantly changing. With the scale of new technology, cyber security experts need to work at regularly improving their technology and knowledge to protect their clients against the latest threats. 

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