What does Gartner do

What does Gartner do?

Gartner is a research and advisory company that is one of the foremost leaders in technology research as well as in cybersecurity advisory. The company works with business leaders across the world to provide advice, insights and tools that are required for staying ahead of the latest threats. Gartner is also a company that coordinates with developers and cybersecurity experts to provide assistance in customer support as well as with ongoing industry management and insights. The company specializes in finance, human resources, cybersecurity, information technology, strategy, sales and supply chain information. 

What makes Gartner so important in the Cybersecurity world is their webinars and consistent literature on the latest cybersecurity threats. There are many cybersecurity experts following the work at Gartner to provide new standards of protection to their clients. Gartner conferences, workshops and publications are all responsible for guiding and training experts in cybersecurity to scale their efforts towards the latest threats and to properly protect their clients as technology advances. 

Gartner produces a high quality market guide for managed detection and response services. With their comprehensive work, there are key findings on the latest threats as well as proper standards of coverage that should be required for any business to minimize their risk in cybersecurity. Using this guide will be a great way to improve response functions and to ensure that the latest threats can see protection over time. 

Gartner is constantly evaluating the latest security threats and regularly managing new detection solutions for developers all over the world. With their dedication to maintaining standards for cybersecurity, the Gartner experts have become the true authority in creating cybersecurity standards today. 

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