Hybrid Cloud Definition

Hybrid Cloud Definition:

Mixed computing or hybrid cloud systems are becoming a crucial element to application hosting and business services. Many websites are now using mixed computing, storage and services on hybrid cloud to store crucial business information, to orchestrate aspects of application support, to provide customer service and more. 

Keeping business data expressly on a physical server is no longer the norm for many businesses. There are many companies that are turning over to a complete cloud system which allows access from authorized devices on virtual servers with encrypted data worldwide. The hybrid cloud offers a balanced approach between physical servers and the complete cloud solution. Certain data can be accessed across any device with the level of encryption that you would see from cloud computing with certain data kept on physical drives in one location. 

A hybrid cloud solution for crucial business systems like your company data or in keeping a backup in a hybrid cloud solution can prevent downtime and reduce your risk for security threats. Using a hybrid cloud solution can ensure that you have private backup or an on premises backup solution that could be used to recover your business in the event of a malicious attack or to keep extremely sensitive data secure and off the cloud. 

Adopting a hybrid cloud solution can be crucial for many businesses that work in industries like medical information, finance and more. Being able to get the adaptability of the cloud and the availability of data is fantastic for agility in business, but the enhanced security and backup from the hybrid and physical server can help to keep any business prepared from the future of malicious threats. 
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