How to become a CISO

How to become a CISO?

A CISO is the chief information security officer for a company and their goal is to maintain the day to day security strategy for a corporation as well as learn the skills that are required to maintain security on a daily basis. CISOs will experience many challenges and being able to adapt to these challenges can ensure that they will be able to react in crisis and maintain uptime for a company as it is required for security. 

These experts will be responsible for maintaining and organizing data related to data security and cyber security. CISO’s are responsible for being the standard creator at a company and the person that stands as the ultimate protector. CISO’s will have roles for protecting people, infrastructure, assets and technology. The goal is for the CISO to serve critical roles in assessing risk and making sure that they are acting in the best interests of a company. CISO certifications are often required and these will be to the latest standards of technology. These experts will often need to reskill and regularly upskills so that they can improve their certifications to suit the latest technology. 

Becoming a CISO usually starts with a bachelors degree in computing as well as IT security experience. Many CISO positions for corporate level businesses require at least 7-10 years of IT security experience as well as full IT security certifications and training that are up to date. 

CISO’s at large scale companies are often chosen due to their experience and credentials so it can be a very competitive field. If your company does not currently have someone in this position, upskilling or attending a data security certification could be an excellent way to create the position for yourself and to make sure that you are able to offer more at a company level. 

Consider some of these top ideas and more if you would like to become a CISO. 

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