Cyber Attack Types

Most common cyber attack types

Nowadays it becomes very common to deal with a vast range of cyber attacks. The reason is simple, hackers are trying to access your company data so they can sell it to the highest bidder. If you want to keep your business safe, then investing in the right cyber security systems is incredibly important. This eliminates concerns, and it pushes the process to new heights all the time. It all comes down to understanding what cyber attack types are there and how you can prevent them.

Main in the middle attack

This is one of the cyber attack types where the attacker intercepts the communication between two parties. They try to either steal personal info, spy on the victims or profit from this the best way that they can. These were popular back in the day, especially during chat system days, but even today they are common in the case of emails.

DDoS attacks

During these cyber attacks, the server is flooded with traffic, and the idea is to disrupt or bring down the target. Firewalls aren’t really able to solve this issue, so you really have to tackle the situation and make sure that you avoid any possible issues. It’s a great idea to protect your server from any attacks like these and block them properly.

Zero day exploits

These exploits are used before there is any solution for such problems. It’s important to address these issues wisely, and if you do it right, you can avoid major business losses. The faster you can do that, the better the results that you can expect.

DNS tunneling

Such an attack is focused on the idea that the attacker has persistent access to the target, and they insert malware into the DNS queries. The malware is then used to create a very persistent communication channel, and most firewalls are unable to detect that. This is the reason why these are some of the most dangerous cyber attack types.


The idea behind ransomware is that an attacker sends malware-filled emails and when an employee or the target accesses those, the malware automatically locks files and you must pay a ransom to gain access back to those files. It’s a concept that has become very common online, so you have to find ways to handle that appropriately.


The interesting thing about this is that criminals compromise the user’s device with the idea to mine crypto. It’s very common especially when it comes to downloading pirated content. With that in mind, it’s not damaging your computer in any way, aside from using its resources for unwanted purposes. It’s important to know these cyber attack types and understand where they all come from. These are crucial things to take into consideration, and the reality is that you want to commit to excellence and truly focus on the best results. It will take some trial and error to ensure that you stay away from these issues. But it’s always worth it, and that’s why you have to address this as much as you can!

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