What is Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing? Understanding what is cloud computing is very important these days, since the cloud has become a part of our lives in one way or another. The truth is that cloud computing is very distinctive, it helps push the boundaries in unique ways, and you will find yourself impressed with the results […]

What is an API

What is API? API is also known as the application programming interface. The goal of this interface is to work as a linkage between computer programs and computers. This type of interface works by offering services to other pieces of software and by establishing connections throughout the system in a software solution, it is possible […]

What is Cyber Security

What is cyber security? Cybersecurity is the main practise of protecting networks, systems and programs from a series of digital attacks. Cyber attacks are usually designed to change, access or destroy sensitive information, disrupt program operations or extort money from users on a day to day basis. The main purpose of cybersecurity is to have […]

Hybrid Cloud vs Multi Cloud

Hybrid Cloud vs. Multi Cloud Hybrid Cloud: A Hybrid Cloud mixes a private cloud or on-site infrastructure with public cloud computing. On-site infrastructure might be a private data center or any other company network IT infrastructure. Deployments of hybrid clouds are fairly prevalent. Some firms are partly migrating to the cloud yet find it too cost-effective […]

Cyber Attack Types

Most common cyber attack types Nowadays it becomes very common to deal with a vast range of cyber attacks. The reason is simple, hackers are trying to access your company data so they can sell it to the highest bidder. If you want to keep your business safe, then investing in the right cyber security […]

Zero Trust Architecture

Zero Trust Architecture Explained The rates of malicious threats are on the rise in almost every industry. If your business uses technology phishing attacks and credential theft are a real boundary that could prevent your business from completing its operations. With the proliferation of cloud computing, remote working and AI and machine learning a number […]

How to become a CISO

How to become a CISO? A CISO is the chief information security officer for a company and their goal is to maintain the day to day security strategy for a corporation as well as learn the skills that are required to maintain security on a daily basis. CISOs will experience many challenges and being able […]

Why Cyber Security is Important

Why cyber security is important for a modern day society? We all want to live in a modern, powerful society that can surpass any possible challenges. However, in order to do that, we must understand why cyber security is important and how it can affect our society in the first place. The truth is that […]

AI Cybersecurity

Benefits of using AI for cyber security Is it a good idea to use cybersecurity AI or not these days? The reality is that more and more cyber attacks are coming out of nowhere, so you have to find ways to eliminate that and ensure that you stay protected. Keeping your business away from anyone […]

Kubernetes Cluster

What is the Kubernetes cluster? Kubernetes clusters are used to execute containerized applications. App containerization is the process of combining software with its dependencies and services. A more portable and adaptable virtual machine. Thus, Kubernetes clusters facilitate application development, migration, and maintenance. Containers can run on virtual, real, cloud-based, and on-premises machines using Kubernetes clusters. Unlike virtual […]