API security is the practice of protecting application programming interfaces (APIs) from malicious attacks, misuse, and unauthorized access. APIs have become an essential part of modern applications, and as such, they can expose critical business data, making them an attractive target for attackers. At ammune.ai, we specialize in robust API security solutions to mitigate this risk.

API security is important because APIs, being gateways to application data and services, can be exploited by attackers if not adequately protected. At ammune.ai, we understand the importance of secure APIs and our solutions are built to safeguard these essential components from a wide range of threats.

Our flagship product, ammune™, offers a comprehensive, self-learning, AI-driven security solution. It provides protection from malicious content attacks (log4J, SQLi, etc.), bot attacks (credential stuffing, data scrapping, etc.), applicative DDoS attacks, and business logic attacks by users. ammune™ protects such attacks made by human, scripts (automated machines) and AI algorithms.

ammune™ developed a state of the art AI technology, adapted to the specific needs of API cyber security. It combines attack principles knowledge which is applied with ML algorithms adapted to cyber security, allowing it to quickly detect attacks by identifying threat and anomalies on the spot, automatically and act in real time to mitigate threats.

Absolutely. Ammune™ is designed for seamless integration with most existing infrastructures. It can work alongside various API gateways and load balancers, integrate with security information and event management (SIEM) systems. ammune™ operates equally at public clouds and private data centers, in a single machine or cluster deployment model.

smmune.ai is committed to ensuring data privacy and helping our customers meet regulatory requirements. ammune™ is designed with built-in features to ensure data encryption in transit and at rest and provides comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities for compliance needs.

Yes, ammune™ is designed to scale as your API ecosystem grows. It’s capable of handling an increased volume of API calls without any loss in performance or effectiveness.

At smmune.ai, we take pride in our world-class customer support. We offer 24/7 support via email, phone, and chat. Our dedicated team is always ready to help our customers address their concerns.

ammune™ is designed for quick and easy deployment. Depending on the complexity of your environment, you can expect our solution to be operational within a few hours.

We offer different pricing models based on the size and complexity of your API environment. We recommend you reach out to our sales team for a customized quote that fits your business requirements.

Certainly. We believe in our product and its capabilities; hence we offer a free trial for you to experience firsthand the robust security provided by ammune™.

ammune™ is known for its high reliability. Reliability is made of two major factors. First, ammune™ suffers from only very rare cases of false positive mistakes (mistakenly identifying normal traffic as malicious) or false negative ones (mis-identification of attack). ammune™ protects from API attacks made by human, scripts (automated machines) or AI algorithms. Second, ammune™ operates in most demanding production environments of enterprise customers, for years, with no unexpected downtime. It is modest in its CPU and memory consumption, which are remains stable even at stormy traffic profile.

Absolutely. ammune™ is designed to provide robust security to both REST and SOAP APIs. This ensures comprehensive coverage for your entire API landscape.

Yes, ammune™ can be deployed in any cloud environment – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or a private cloud. This provides you with the flexibility and adaptability needed for modern infrastructures.



Yes, ammune™ can work with your existing authentication and authorization systems to ensure only legitimate users and services are accessing your APIs.


Yes, ammune™ can seamlessly integrate with most existing API management platforms, allowing you to continue managing your APIs as you normally would while bolstering their security.

Ammune™ can integrate with existing SIEM systems, sending alerts and incident reports directly to your SIEM for a centralized view of your security landscape.

Absolutely. ammune™ is designed to complement existing security systems like firewalls and IDS. It adds an additional layer of protection specifically for API traffic, without interfering with your existing security setup.

ammune™ is a cloud-agnostic solution, which means it can be deployed across multiple cloud environments such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or private clouds. This makes it a flexible solution for businesses with multi-cloud architectures.

Yes, ammune™ is designed to handle the dynamic nature of microservices architecture. It can protect inter-service communication and ensure that your microservices-based applications remain secure.

Yes, ammune™ can operate alongside your existing WAF. While your WAF protects against general web-based threats, ammune™ adds a specialized layer of security for your APIs.

ammune™ can collect logs and send them to your existing log management solutions. This allows for easier management and analysis of security data, and aids in compliance with data regulations.

Yes, ammune™ is designed to work effectively in a containerized environment. It integrates with platforms like Kubernetes, providing security for APIs in containerized applications.

Yes, ammune™ can send detailed incident information directly to your existing incident response platform. This allows for faster, more effective responses to potential security incidents.

Yes, ammune™ can integrate seamlessly with F5 products. F5 provides a range of application services including load balancing, DDoS protection, and more. These services can work in tandem with ammune™ to provide an even more robust API security solution. To enable this integration, ammune™ can be configured to receive API traffic data from F5’s application services. This allows ammune™ to analyze and protect your API traffic, while still benefiting from the functionality provided by F5’s products. However, the specifics of integration can vary depending on your exact F5 product lineup and configuration. Our support team can provide detailed guidance on this process and ensure a successful integration.

ammune™ is designed to be compatible with a wide range of API gateways. This includes popular choices like NGINX, Kong, and AWS API Gateway, among others. Our solution works by analyzing API traffic data, which can be supplied by any of these gateways. This wide compatibility makes ammune™ a versatile solution that can be adapted to many different API architectures and infrastructures. Our support team can guide you through the process of integrating ammune™ with your specific API gateway.

Installation Process

The installation process for ammune™ is straightforward. It involves setting up the system, configuring it to work with your APIs, and integrating it with your existing infrastructure. Our technical team will guide you through the entire process.

One of the advantages of ammune™ is its non-intrusive installation process. In most cases, you can expect zero downtime, as it can be deployed alongside your running services without any disruption.

ammune™ is a platform-agnostic solution and can be installed in various environments, be it cloud, on-premise, or hybrid. We will provide a list of minimal technical requirements to ensure smooth installation.

Absolutely. Our technical team will work with you to understand your infrastructure and tailor the installation process, accordingly, ensuring that ammune™ integrates seamlessly into your environment.

Yes, the safety and privacy of your data are our top priority. Our installation process is designed to uphold the highest standards of data security and privacy.

As the installation process in easy, our technical team will guide your IT team through the installation process. No need for extra professional services from your side.

We will share with your team installation instructions documentation, and our support team will be available to guide you through the installation process, answer any questions, and help resolve any issues that may arise.

ammune™ is designed to have no impact on your system performance. During its operation, it uses advanced techniques to analyze API traffic without causing noticeable performance degradation. It’s lightweight and designed to coexist with your running services seamlessly.

o Amazon Linux -supported o Ubunto – Supported o CentOS – prefer not o Debian – can do, not recommended o Kali – can do – can do, not recommended SUSI- can do, not recommended

ammune.ai strongly recommend using Docker. Docker has market share of 80.62% in containerization market. Docker competes with 10 competitor tools in containerization category each one of them has its pluses and minuses. Docker is where ammune.ai have experience and know how. Having said that, if you wish to use podman please contact us for further details.


A new API can be added to the system via the management dashboard. Please follow the manual instructions to correctly configure ammune™ to accept the API traffic.

ammune™ management dashboard can be easily used to eliminate false positive alerts. Please follow the manual instructions.

ammune™ is designed to have a no impact on API performance. If you are facing such please contact our support team to help you diagnose the cause and suggest solutions.

Of course, our support team is available to help you understand any security alerts you receive. They can explain what each alert means, why it was triggered, and what action, if any, needs to be taken to resolve the issue.